Saturday, February 17, 2007


Here's his priorities. And this man thinks he should be president? Why?

WASHINGTON (AP)--Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, of Arizona, a staunch supporter of sending more troops to Iraq, will skip a Senate vote on the war Saturday to campaign in Iowa while other candidates rearrange their schedules.

Added: It appears that the other senator from our state, John Kyl, didn't vote either.

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Anonymous said...

OK i hope this works.

The blog looks good. It is well written and very informative. Content-wise one of the best I have read.

McCain is a chameleon. He is power driven to the point of denying himself any dignity. McCain's embrace of this trainwreck Iraq war, his embrace of Rove proteges who soiled his name in 2000, his embrace of the kookoo fundie christian right with Bob Jones and Jerry Falwell.

I am very happy that McCain wants an escalation for Iraq. This irrational view is out of touch with the American people, effectively destroying his chance of achieveing the power he so desires.