Wednesday, February 21, 2007


If a war did begin between the U.S. and Iran, which side would Iraq be on?
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SweaterMan said...

Iraq would be on Iran's side.

This has been another in the series of simple answers to simple questions.

Fixer said...

The Shi'a anyway. The Kurds from the north would probably move against the Sunni dominated areas if our attention were focused toward Iran and the Shi'a militias.

Anonymous said...

IS there still an Iraq? I think the US puppet govt would be on the US side. Then again, conflict with Iraq would probably destroy the current fake IRaqi govt. I dont know, but I would guess that if the US attacks IRan we might get a US withdrawal from Iraq (the place is already ruined) and move into IRan and ruin it. I think thats the goal. Just make a big mess out of the Middle EAst...if we cant have the oil, neither can China or will all be on gold until the "creative destruction" completes itself.