Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jeez, I Should Stop Reading 1984

What I am going to say will piss off readers, and may make some angry, but here goes:

In my book, Jerry Falwell is directly responsible for the incredible divisiveness of American society today. Period.

I have NO, ZERO, absolutely-fucking-rock-bottom-end-of-the-coal-mine, piss in your face, NONE sympathy for his death. I wish nothing but the worst that life has to offer for his family, his extended family, his extended-extended family and anybody that ever followed him. This includes AIDs, dismemberment, evil uranium-hexaflouride gas in their air-conditioning vents, Legionnaires, bird flu, and any other thing I can think of as horrible. Sorry if this makes me sound like a Nazi, but I'd pick up my Kill Bill Sword in a second to off those type of folks. Are we clear?

This, of course, I realize, makes me bad. It makes me a bad, bad person.

But, let me say, in my defense, that I was a high-school sophomore when he (Jerry) began to come to power. He, and other evangelicals like him, made a priority of certain moral guidelines - a black and white line - that infused American politics to extent that most Americans today, when they are thinking about their leaders, look at superficial bullshit, like who can have an abortion, or what is "God's" will in the Middle East.

Granted, he was a genius at mobilizing the previously non-aligned "Chrisitan" vote; pushing it into the Republican caucus, who was more than happy to welcome it after the Nixon debacle of the early 70s.

However, at what cost? To Jerry, apparently the cost had no ceiling.

So, that's why we (and by we, I mean politicians) diddle around with non-effective measures that blow-by the real problems of American society today; instead let's focus on the hot-button, "this will get me attention", ideas forwarded by the politicians and the media.

Well, that's bullshit. I will summarize my ideas in my next post, (with supporting anecdotes), but the fact is, the political force in this country is rapidy reaching a peak where most of us are not paying attention-well, that's not right, most of us are ignoring the government and believing in our own eyes about what is going on.

I'll bark about that in a further essay, but for now, that's where I'm heading....

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