Tuesday, June 26, 2007

comments from the shortbus

1) I have had my toenails painted by beautiful girls on rafts, a few times, on the Colorado, just like Pygalgia.
2)I would rather be serving donuts on Alpha-Centauri. Hard job to get.
3)after having spent today hiking the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, with a lovely lady, I've decided my next sentient incarnation should be some kind of falcon- nesting in cliffs.
4)someday I will be capable of completely manifesting, at will, beef jerky sandwiches on rye, with third-world mustard.
5)today I learned that the bark of very old ponderosa pine trees smells like vanilla.
6)I still think the band "A Flock Of Seagulls" is way boss.
7)if a hot chick blinks constantly, while facing yer gaze, instead of looking in yer eye, is she aloof from the true fathom of emotion, or does she just think I really suck?
8)I'm starting to feel that ole stirring in the groin for my pet dinosaur. My fathomless cenzoic lass?

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