Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Morality and Sexuality

Zymurgian and I were talking, and he brought up a woman that I was having an affair with a few years ago. He cooked one fine dinner, so I was ready to tell the story: It was all about the sex. She is a very nice lady, but not the kind of woman I would want to spend my life with. Her husband is in a very high paying field, and they live the "good life". She liked the lifestyle. The only problem in their relationship is that he doesn't like sex. He told her it's "unsanitary". She is a normal woman (well, more enthusiastic than average).
So we had an affair. A very sexual affair. She spent a river trip with me (on which we had a hell of a lot of fun), and several other trysts.
Zymurgian asked if her husband knew. I've spent time with her husband, and I think he knew but really didn't care.
Was our sexual relationship moral or immoral? I know that I thought it was moral, but some have told me I'm wrong.


ellroon said...

Whatever modifications one has to do to fit into the weird 1950's version of a happy marriage is nobody's business but the couple involved.

You were very clear with each other, it only involved you two, nobody was hurt. You can't get more moral than that.

Anonymous said...

Two consenting adults having sex? Moral. Was she breaking a vow? That's her problem or "moral" dilemma to deal with.

As for you? No harm, no foul perhaps?

Of course, far be it from me to attempt to pass a "moral" judgement on anything!