Saturday, October 6, 2007


I smell your scent on my fingertips. Thanks.
Added: I should explain that I just spent the evening with a wonderful woman, a beautiful, intellectual, and charming lady. But I really hate her perfume. I massaged her, we talked, and cuddled, and the scent doesn't wash off. I could drop my single lifestyle for this woman, but only if she gets rid of that perfume.


Fran said...

Oh Py. I was so moved by your words. Then the perfume matter.

As a woman, I am a scent hater. You see, I was born with a bionic nose. Any perfume or cologne is super amplified for me. Ick.

Too bad about that scent thing. If you like her, hang in there- then talk to her about it.

If you like her and speak and she's cool- its good.

If not, you are no worse off.

Anonymous said...

I hope you've told her that.

I've dumped guys over their scent, but never told them.

Anonymous said...

Actually, scent is a really important indicator which is masked by perfumes and colognes. If you love someone you're not going to mind her real smell.

pygalgia said...

Turns out that I'm flat out allergic to the perfume, and I spent a miserable night with headache, sinus overload, watery eyes, etc. I'll be addressing this before our next evening together.

Fran said...

I for one will be curious to hear how it goes Py!