Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sex and Celebrity

Looking around the tubes, I've learned that some teenage celebrity who I never heard of (what has she done to celebrate?) has gotten pregnant and created a crisis around the issue of teen sex. Apparently, teens never, ever have sex, thanks to "abstinence only education", and the girl is now a major sinner.
Uhm, I remember my teenage years.
I remember how much we thought about sex, and sometimes actually achieved sex. At least we had been taught about birth control, not that it guaranteed that we would use it. So, some teenage girls got pregnant, leading to marriage, abortion, adoption, or young motherhood. Society survived. The same was true for my parents generation, my grand-parents generation, and, I suspect my great-grandparents generation (my great-grandmother got married at 15, and gave birth to my grandfather 5 months later).
Over at PoliTits, Dcup has written a great piece about talking about sex with her children. It's quite funny, but also incredibly wise. In a sane society, this would be how teen sex is addressed.


Distributorcap said...

can you imagine the conversation between George, Laura and the Bush bimbos about sex.....

well george wouldnt have been there and laura would have been on xanax

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. and for referring to anything I do as wise.

What a silly idea that people, once sexually mature physically won't want to uwrap that gift.

pygalgia said...

We have lived this life, and shared the gift. And then, we figuared out that the sex (while great) was not what mattered in our lives. The love is what counts.