Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Housing Crisis

With all the problems in the world of mortgages, my problems as a single renter are rather minor. Except to me. I'm starting to take it personally.
I should preface this with a small history, that of the "Blue Palace" where I lived comfortably for almost six years. I didn't blog about the "Palace" while I lived there out of respect for one of the housemates who worried about his privacy (this town is small enough that the house was easily identified). The "Palace" was a five bedroom old dump of a house, but it was cheap. The five of us who lived there are all older bachelors of the quietly stable type. It was comfortable, in a leaky sort of way. But it finally came to an end when the landlord realized he could make a lot more money in the long run if he invested in upgrading the old house. Real estate has gotten a lot more expensive around here over the years.
So back at the first of June, I moved. It was a real challenge as my income has been unstable and rents around here are high. I scored what I thought was a good deal, renting a room from an older woman in an old house in the old part of town that I almost could afford.
If only it had been that simple...
I quickly learned that the old lady had "psychiatric issues", but given my background in mental health I was okay with that. What I hadn't counted on was her family. They are a real piece of work, and they're now using my presence as a tenant to try to get the old lady declared "incompetent". It's a thinly veiled effort to take the house away from her, and I'm doing my best to help her fight it (she's very much competent, by all legal definitions).
But the level of stress she's suffering has made it clear that I must move out for her sake. So now it's my stress level that is through the roof.
I'm trying to find a new cave that I can afford in a market that I can't.
God, I miss the "Blue Palace".


FranIAm said...

Oh Py! What a situation you are in. I wish I had a magic answer. I can see why you miss your leaky old place and its assurance.

Well know that I send you my every good thought and wish to find a place to be your home. May it fit your budget and your life and not have too much of what I can only call mishegas.

Peace to you my brother!

ellroon said...

ACK! So sorry you are having such a time of it, Pygalgia. Here's to hoping you find a snug spot soon. With wifi...

Mauigirl said...

So sorry you need to find another place, Pygalgia. Sending best wishes and lots of positive thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

I guess your rss feed stopped working for me and I've been so reliant on them, I didn't realize that you were still posting. I was worried that you were gone, but obviously too lazy to just pull up your blog.

I'm sorry about your housing woes. That's a headache you don't need, but you're a good man for trying to help her.

I wish there was more that could be done for you.

Sorry I've been scarce here. I missed your writing and your boobies!

Freida Bee said...

Oh, I've seen this a few times around Austin. The property values in central, particularly east central Austin, have skyrocketed. I'm not sure where you live, of course, but I've seen it happen a handful of times. I am amazed every time I see that the creaky house I lived in on east MLK 95-97 is still standing amongst all the trendy new houses over there. Unfortunately, it's just a matter of time before it's demo'd to put in a newer house.