Friday, August 1, 2008

Odds, and a few Ends


* Well, my housing situation is stabilized (thanks to some help from an unexpected source. Thank you!) and I'll be in the same cave for another month. Not comfortable, but secure, which is better than being homeless. I'm desperately seeking a stable job and a stable new cave. Ah, the American dream.

* Now the media is finally acknowledging that the 2001 anthrax was from Fort Detrick. Due to my being involved in a peripheral part of the investigation (explained in the comments), I've known this all along. But it's awfully convenient that the prime suspect committed suicide before the story went to press. It's a sad side commentary that when I read the news, I assume that the government is lying.

* Can we simplify the 'Obama-McCain' debate? St. Sleazy McCain is REALLY, REALLY BAD! All of the worst of shrub, but with more temper. Obama is not the messiah, just another politician. But he seems to be intelligent and relatively decent. I'm not expecting miracles, just a functioning government. That would be a major step forward from what we have now.

* The indictment of Ted Stevens seems to be clogging up the intertubes. Since it was announced, all my connections have slowed down. Coincidence? I don't think so. At least I haven't been declared a "spam blog" like some have.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm so curious about your connection to the anthrax investigation.

But more importantly, I'm glad that your housing is okay for now.

Demeur said...

He might be able to tell you but then he'd have to kill us all.
Py I know your situation well. I thought work would break loose in the summer. It hasn't. Isn't this an election year? I guess the rethugs don't care if they win or not. Usually there's a ton of make work government jobs but not this year.

pygalgia said...

I posted way back when on my minor connection-short version: I was in charge of hazmat procedures for Northern Arizona University. NAU has one of the top anthrax labs in the country, so the FBI came calling. They were mostly looking for "middle-eastern males" who might have had access to anthrax on the campus, but I was able to show that all the anthrax was accounted for. Samples from the Daschle letter were analyzed, and were an exact DNA match to the military's Ft. Detrick strain, so we knew that was the original source.
I knew at the time that all the attempts to make an Iraqi connection were lies, and that whoever was behind the attacks had fairly high level access to Ft. Detrick. In short, I've always suspected that there was some form of government involvement/coverup.

Demeur said...

I don't think so much as a cover up but more like a spin. They threw the dots out there and let the public connect them. And as for access, how many CDs have grown legs and walked out the door at government facilities? I'm loosing count.

I took my anthrax decon training last fall but I don't expect to use it.