Thursday, September 11, 2008

As They Debate Porcine Cosmetology

Modern American politics has degenerated into something below reality television in intellectual content. Major financial institutions are failing. Health care has become a luxury. The energy companies are (literally) in bed with the government. Two wars are going badly, and the lead terrorists are still free. Unemployment and homelessness are up, along with the cost of food. And another hurricane is about to hit (but climate change isn't a real problem). Along with a few dozen other major issues.
The latest republican TV star, Sarah the moosehunter, is ready to go to war with Russia (even if her reason is purely hypothetical) and anybody else she doesn't like. The actual republican candidate, St. Sleazy McCain (remember him?), is sounding more and more senile between rounds of lying.
But this election race is still close, thanks to the media. Because it's really important to debate the meaning of "lipstick on a pig."
Maybe America deserves four more years of republican rule.


Anonymous said...

Somedays I think "fine, you fucking idiots. If you want more of the same, who am I to care?" but we all get stuck with their idiot presidents and it seems like more of us pay for their bad decisions.

pygalgia said...

Yeah, but I'm in a grouchy mood. I don't want more republican shit, but I'm not going to be able to stop it if the majority are going to be idiots. Loved your post on "undecideds" BTW.

Anonymous said...

America would not survive a McCain/Palin administration.

gandhisxmas said...

it is hard not to talk about the aburdity called Palin, inst it? The McCain camp wants to turn this whole election into what you might work.

oh by the way did you see that Palin didnt know what the Bush Doctrine