Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Really? This Is Your Weapon?! Really? This Is Your Genius?

Asked about Herritage's statement, Palin's foreign policy adviser, Steve Biegun, insisted the candidate's position was correct. Russia's "old behaviors" of aggressively flying into U.S. airspace have been exhibited recently, he said.

"Governor Palin told me that when Russian aircraft buzz American airspace and U.S. aircraft are mobilized at Elmendorf Air Force Base, she is informed by her National Guard commander," said Biegun, who did not offer any additional explanation for the contradiction.

"The point she was making is that the geographical location of Alaska has unique attributes. This doesn't happen to many states in the union," Biegun said. "Her point was that she's pretty up close to some of the big issues of international affairs."

Yeah, well so are all the families that host foreign exchange students, you stupid twat. Right up there, up-close and personal, as Jim McKay used to say, with those whole "foreignality" and "internationality" things.

Good lord this woman is dumber than a bag of dirt.


Demeur said...

Hey I eat mexican food does that make me a candidate for the Mexican embossy. Oops maybe she's eaten borsche.

gandhisxmas said...

I hate to sound cynical, haha, but Sarah Palin is an empty vessel. bBut as Matt Taibbi's recent piece shows, she isnt the problem. Its us. Its America. Seriously. If enough Americans are fucking dumb enough to vote for this shallow, know nothing, fundamentalist idiot shit head we deserve everything we are going to get (the financial crisis). The world laughs at us as our dim clown with a sparkling smile seduces folk who dont use rationality. seriously..

There are laws of nature.

Karlo said...

If we had a bag of dirt, we could at least grow something. Looking on the brightside, at least we'll be able to all hop in our planes and shoot animals from the air. There are a few large mammals in downtown DC that I'd like to take some shots at.