Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Patience Now!

There is a parallel between the nation's economic situation and my shoulder (ain't that an egotistical little analogy?) and that is the total lack of patience. Based on the news media, a lot of the public seems to be upset that Obama's stimulus program hasn't fixed everything yet, and I'm incredibly frustrated with my pain level and continued inability to use my right arm.
Both situations are going to take time before we see any noticeable improvement, but nobody really wants to hear that. Instant gratification is what we expect. So, Mr. Obama, could you please hurry up with that economic miracle? And fix my shoulder while you're at it. Thanks.


Demeur said...

No with your shoulder you know it will take about six weeks or so to heal. Then it will take another year or so for the minor pains to go away. With the economy everyone is wondering when things will turn around before they lose their homes and have to live behind the dumpster. The patient is in ICU and the republicans want to use bandaids.
There's going to be some serious problems if the bleeding doesn't stop by Oct. of this year. That's when a whole bunch of mortgages reset. That's even more than the subprimes!

pygalgia said...

Actually my shoulder is going to take closer to six months (it was a bad break), and the economy even longer. We'll see how my patience does.