Monday, March 16, 2009

An Inside Look

Name that hardware! Yep, I'm sharing an inside look at my humerus, complete with artificial ingredients. Feel free to comment with naming suggestions or any other good advice.
This is actually a test post, as I now have home wireless internet access (albeit spotty), and hope to return to regular posting.


One Fly said...

Humermantis cause it could pass for a praying mantis.

Demeur said...

How not to use a nail gun at work? Ouch!

Looks like something out of a bad 50s sci fi movie. The alien embedded in his shoulder.

pygalgia said...

I like the "humermantis" idea. And it certainly feels like an alien is embedded in my shoulder sometimes. Thanks.

Mauigirl said...

Bad 50s sci fi indeed, like the movie "Them" but in miniature!

Hope the therapy helps your shoulder, Pygalgia!