Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Just Another Day

I like to think that I know myself pretty well, but sometimes I'm wrong. My emotional reaction to the first Mother's Day without my Mom was stronger and more painful that I expected. Mom passed in January, and while I thought that my grieving was mostly over I found myself really missing Mom. Thankfully I had some good friends around me (special thanks to Urland), or I might have been really depressed. But tears came at unexpected times, and the hole in my life was clear. Nobody will ever look as good on a Harley as my Mom did.
I hope you all took a moment to appreciate your own Mom, and if you are a Mom I hope you got the appropriate appreciation.

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urland said...

Glad to have been there for such a beautiful Sunday. Sunshine, good music and beer all at the same time. It's a hard combo to beat and a good time which your mom would have been happy for you to have. See you soon.