Sunday, September 13, 2009

Debating With Dunces

These are the people that we're up against on health care reform. As you can see, they're well "infromed".
And they know America!

They oppose the "pubic" option; only liberals like "pubic" choices.

And they really, really hate "politians"; in fact, they're never, ever going to be "polite". They want new "dipers", too.
"Literacy" is a liberal concept, and they're doing everything they can to destroy it.
It's simply not possible to have a rational debate about something as complex as health care with people who're this intellectually vacuous. Although they are making a very strong case for education reform.
So, here's my suggestion, Mr. Obama: push for a public option, but with an exemption for idiots.

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One Fly said...

And these people are given credibility by media outlets. We're sliding further into the shitter.

Gosh-I hope there are no spelling errors here.