Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take Your Guns to the Bar Day

Starting today, you can take your guns into bars in my home state of Arizona, unless the bar has specific signs prohibiting firearms:

Starting Wednesday, those carrying concealed weapons are allowed to enter Arizona's roughly 5,300 establishments licensed to sell alcohol, as long as they don't drink. If those bar and restaurant owners don't want guns on the property, they must post a sign indicating that they are not allowed.

My favorite watering hole put up the "no firearms" signs weeks ago. As the owner said "are they nucking futs?". In fairness, the law prohibits consuming alcohol while carrying a firearm. But the key word "concealed" makes that rather difficult to enforce. Knowing some of my fellow Arizonans attitude toward gun laws in general, I have a feeling that the "no alcohol" provision will frequently be ignored. As may be the "no firearms" signs.
Mind numbingly stupid, if you ask me (and I'm a gun owner). Guns and alcohol don't mix well (although I do have a great story of the time I got drunk and went target shooting with Doc Thompson) and I don't see this ending well. Strange the things we legalize, while marijuana is still illegal.

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Demeur said...

Gives new meaning to the term "shot and a beer".

Now all you need is someone with a gun a cell phone drunk behind the wheel. If we're lucky he'll kill himself trying to text with his 45.