Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Party of Fiscal Responsibility

The GOP has a website. And they got it for a bargain price:

The Republican National Committee shelled out $1.4 million dollars over the last six months for Web sites and services, much of which was spent on, the party’s major Web presence that was unveiled this month, new Federal Election Commission expense reports show.

The figure is far higher than what experts estimate it should have cost, and five times the amount its Democratic counterpart spent to host and maintain

The biggest disparity seems to be bandwidth costs–the RNC paid Smartech Corp., a Republican-focused hosting firm, more than a million dollars, plus $22,000 to Eloqua, compared to the DNC’s $203,000 to Sprint, Switch and Data and Servint Corp.–despite the fact that the two sites’ traffic, which determines bandwidth usage and, largely, hosting costs, was the same.

But the design of the site itself was costly, too. In the months prior to the October 13 launch of, the committee paid $328,000 to 11 firms for Web development. (The Democrats, which did not completely overhaul their site during that time period, spent $45,000 on Web development.)

And when the GOP’s graphics-laden product was unveiled, many of the main sections appeared missing or broken, including one advertised as listing future party leaders, which showed up blank.

And St. Sleazy McCain wants to regulate the internet? What a great plan!

Seriously, web pages designers are cheap these days. There are about 25 brazillion of them out there. But the GOP finds the most expensive incompetent on the market who fails to create a working page. Just think what would happen if they tried to run the country...oh, wait...we know what happened.

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