Saturday, November 14, 2009

But Why?

Walking down San Francisco St. yesterday, a car caught my eye: a somewhat beat up mid-90's Toyota, nothing unusual except the license plate. Australian plate (larger than state plates). And I had to wonder why someone would bother to bring this car from Queensland to Flagstaff (I knew the person didn't drive it over), given that you could buy such a car here cheaper than the shipping cost from Australia. I could see shipping a Mercedes or such. But a beater Toyota?
Still scratching my head about it.

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Anonymous said...

My brother in law's brother was a sergeant-major in the Army. His household allowance for shipping something was like 5 tons. He shipped a beat up Volkswagan camper van with a couple of hundred thousand kilometers on the odometer, no cost to him.

Germany to Augusta, GA. Customs tore the van apart.

Didn't check the couch which was padded with h a s h.