Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Adjusting the Attitude

Sweaterman and I were discussing the issues I focused on in my last post, and he made some very salient points:
That the issue may be less one of "competence" than one of "attitude"; that the American mind set used to be one of "can do", but the current attitude is "no can do". That is that we used to believe in our abilities to change the world, but at some point the problems became accepted and insolvable. FUBAR became the accepted status quo.
And then Sweaterman asked the gazillion dollar question: "how do we change that attitude?".
I certainly don't have an answer. I know that I don't expect Obama (or any other 'leader') to make the changes we need. It has to come from within; we need to believe we can change and improve our society if we're going to fix anything.
So I'm passing Sweaterman's question on to you: "how do we change that attitude, from 'can't do' to 'can do'?"

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Justin said...

people are disempowered and they feel it, i think thats what gives rise to all the neo-fascist "god, guns, gold" goons that are proliferating like weeds. theyre angry, confused, hurt, and know they are screwed but have been told the most viable strategies out of their predicament are unpatriotic and traitorous...real democracy hidden with knee jerk cries of "socialism". as for those who havent fallen victim to being a Palin zombie, we need to get more radical, see things as they are, defend real democracy, defy blind obedience to authority.