Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Cuban Umpire

I was tempted to title this post "Umpire Defects", but for baseball fans the discussion of defective umpires would be endless.
No, this post is about a Cuban umpire who's defected to the U.S. We've had a lot of Cuban players come here for fame and fortune, but this is the first umpire that I'm aware of:

Baseball might be one of the strongest arguments for moving toward more normalized relations with Cuba after 50 years of embargo. The Cuban people are passionate about the game, and the repression of the Castro brothers regime has driven their finest players to defection. If relations were more normalized, those players would return money to their home country, like Venezuelan and Japanese, etc. players do. An open baseball exchange would be a "win-win" for both the U.S. and Cuba.
And, lord knows that we could use better umpires.

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Anonymous said...

No absolutely not.

I need Cuba to be communist and led by Fidel. 50 years and going on.

I love to talk to any stupid jerk that even pretends that our government should be paying so-called "intelligence" people what I call high paid welfare.

Well, if they can't do anything about a dictator less than 120 miles from the US, you actually believe that there is anything at all that they do or know that justifies them being paid their government welfare?

What's even worse is that their people live longer than in the US. Excellent medical system that deliberately overproduces doctors to drive the costs down.