Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven Years

Seven years ago today, shrub embarked on the worst mistake in United States history: the invasion of Iraq began. The litany of lies that lead up to the invasion is now well documented, but the real basic fact was always clear to many of us: invading Iraq was a really bad idea. Here's some basic numbers:

American War Dead in Iraq: 4385

American War Injured: 40,000+

Iraqi War Dead: 2,000,000

Iraqi War Wounded: Millions

Iraqi War Displaced: Millions

Add at least a trillion dollars spent, and for what? Iraq has a marginal semblance of a democracy, but nothing close to stability. Withdrawing from Iraq is progressing slowly and painfully, and it may be many years before the last American troops actually leave. Getting out has always been much more difficult than getting in.

The atrocities of the war will continue to tarnish America's global image for at least a generation. Sadly, it's doubtful that the perpetrators behind the illegal invasion and ensuing crimes against humanity will ever face justice for their actions, and that is itself a crime. The past cannot be changed, but it would go a long way toward repairing the damage to hold those responsible accountable.

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Added: of course, no one may notice this because today is also World Sleep Day.


Fearguth said...

The anniversary of the U. S. invasion of Iraq is especially memorable for me, because I was in the hospital, recovering from quintuple-bypass heart surgery at the time.

pygalgia said...

Wow. Glad you recovered.
I was rowing a raft on the San Juan river at the time.

Justin said...

i was on a construction project in Surprise AZ. I had listened to months of propaganda on TV and local talk radio about how necessary this invasion was, it was retribution, saving face, showing the world the US meant business. A local PHX restaurant, Rock Bottom, held pro-attack Iraq rallies, everyone supposedly supported this, it was red blooded American, patriotic, a good thing to do....i knew then this country was doomed....dumb, hateful, stupid, fascist, moronic, unsustainable, destined for collapse...any asshole people that believes their ultra violence is benevolence is fucked. we are fucked, and broke, dont expect anything different.

Anonymous said...

I get the heebeejeebes whenever I read economists blogs.

There is not one single one that admits that the whale in the room is the obscene military/industrial complex.

Take the money wasted on the military since the fall of the Soviet Union and match it to "defense" spending and there is your twelve trillion dollars in debt that was given freely and openly to the oligarchy that owns totally and outright the profits of the Merchants of Death.