Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You're Weird, Dude

The saga of Eric Massa's (D-NY) resignation has been a very strange one. But one thing is now clear: he's a very strange man. Here's a description of his appearance with the incredibly weird Glenn Beck, where Massa out 'weirds' even Beck.
Massa flat out admits that he 'groped" and 'tickled' male staff members, and that he told a staff member, after 'about 15 gin and tonics' "I should be fracking you", although he insisted it wasn't "sexual". Three staff members made "sexual harassment" charges with the house ethics committee.
Whether "sexual" or not, that is exceedingly inappropriate behavior. No supervisor should ever 'grope' an employee, regardless of intent. That should be obvious to anybody with a normal amount of respect for others. But in Massa's hedonistic bubble it was "no big deal", although he sort of, kind of admitted that it was a "mistake."
And, '15 G-andT's'? That's serious alcoholic territory, and a sign that you're clearly unfit for office, IMHO.

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Lockwood said...

I was reading a report on one of the politiblogs yesterday on his appearance on Beck's show, and gave up partway through, exasperated that they hadn't signaled their satirical intent earlier.

However, I've found through numerous other reports in other places, it wasn't satire at all. Dear Jeebus, what a world we live in...