Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Offended

It's bad enough that I have to live with the insult that is Eugenio Velez playing for my beloved Giants, but then to see my home city miss-spelled on his uniform? Outrage!
Worse, he "took the news well", saying "No, no, I didn't know," Velez said. "That's the first I've heard."
San Francisco deserves better.
(OK, last time I complained about Velez, he had three hits. If I keep ragging on him, he'll probably make the All-Star team.)


Anonymous said...

The longest journey begins with 3 away game victories; no matter how ya' spell it.

Demeur said...

Could be worse you could have a team that hires those at the end of their careers. Wonder if we could get Randy Johnson back or maybe Moyer?
Spelling smelling who cares as long as the win right?