Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lifestyle Change

For the past fourteen years I've lived "vehicle-free"; that is I haven't owned a car. But that has now changed. I inherited a Honda Passport when my Brother-in-Law passed away.
I admit, I have really mixed feelings about this. I took a certain amount of pride in not being part of our culture of oil dependency and pollution. Where I live, I didn't (and still don't) really need a car, or the expenses one entails. And when I did need one, I could borrow or rent one.
But I really enjoy road trips. And river trips. And camping. Driving the Passport home from Reno, I remembered how much I enjoy the freedom to explore back country landscapes. To go places that I'd never heard of.
The main beneficiary of my owning a vehicle will be Sweaterman, who will no longer have to deal with me borrowing his truck every time I get an urge to travel. I've put a lot more miles on his truck than he has in recent years.
I have no intention of changing my daily routine. I'll still walk or use the bus here in town. But I already plan on traveling to Animas River Days in June, and the High Sierra Music Festival in July. And other trips could spring up.
So I'm now a part owner of the gulf oil spill. I feel guilty about that.

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