Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Is Wrong With Us?

Our country deserves to be eaten by zombies. We can spend $60 billion more on our lovely wars, but we're unable to scrap together the votes to extend unemployment benefits for our own people?
This is why I've almost given up on politics. We've replaced the really evil party with the stumblingly evil party.
Added: Read distributorcap for a much better post on the really evil party's take on all of this.


Anonymous said...

Question of priorities. As a fiscal conservative, in theory, I'd like to cut down on spending at all times, but, with midterms coming, this seems like kind of an idiotic political move (except for the dumbasses endorsed by the Teabag Party who are fighting for their political primary life -- hey, guys, forest, trees, you know?) and I can't entirely understand it. It's not like Clinton's welfare reform in the midst of the economic glory of the 90s. People are SERIOUSLY needing these benefits while being out of work. It's not like they're just being lazy.

At the same time, I believe war spending should be a priority. But, they're not mutually exclusive. The national debt can absorb a FEW more hits.

Dear God. I sound like a Keynesian.

BadTux said...

Well, at least stumbling brainless shambling zombies can be evaded. Better that the Party of Zombies be in power than the Party of Vampires, the Party of Vampires are faster, stronger, and more difficult to evade when they try to suck out your blood.

Yeah, that's the most optimistic I can get at the moment...

- Badtux the Monster Penguin