Saturday, July 17, 2010


Damn. Nobody has left a single comment in over a week. I know this little blog isn't all that interesting, but I do wish somebody would say something.


urland said...

Well, I'm at work all day and night. Otherwise I'd come down and have a pint with you and discuss how flighty us commentators are.

splord said...

I've been pretty out of it for the last two weeks, fighting what we were afraid was some horrid tropical thing.... turns out (after a day of testings at the hospital) that it's gall stones.

Thanks for the birthday comment you left at my place, though.


Suzanne said...

sorry dood. i rarely get them at my place myself and really should be better about leaving comments on the places that are on my daily must read sites.

mahakal said...


pygalgia said...

Thanks, folks! It's nice to get a response once in a while.
Appreciate it.