Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Celebrating 234 years this Fourth of July. Throw some animal parts on a grill, consume large quantities of beer, and once you've got a proper buzz, blow up some shit.
Well, not me. No fireworks here on our mountain (scroll down to prior posts if you have any doubts as to why) as the fire danger is way too high. Which is a bit sad, as I love to blow things up. I made my own fireworks when I lived in Washington and California, mortars that rivaled professional stadium pyrotechnics. But only an idiot would unleash even a minor spark around here.
I do intend to grill some animal parts with my neighbor/friend, but we try to do that most every Sunday, so it's not a truly celebratory grilling. And there will be beer.
Have fun, y'all!

And here's the Declaration of Independence read aloud on NPR's "Morning Edition."

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