Monday, August 30, 2010

And For What?

The end of "combat operations" in Iraq...

The withdrawal of all but 50,000 troops...

But there is no sense of celebration. The 'war' is 'over', except that it isn't. There is no victory, because there was never anything to 'win' in Iraq. All that was achieved was destruction and despair.

I suppose that President Obama deserves some credit for reducing America's presence in Iraq, as he promised in his campaign. OK, Barack, here's a brownie point. A token of achievement for a rather minor accomplishment.

It was a war that never should have happened. Shrub and the neocons lied to create a threat that never existed and led an invasion that should be a war crime. The slaughter of innocent Iraqi's will be America's shame for many decades to come, as will the debts (both human and monetary) for a tragic act of folly. Over a trillion dollars wasted on wanton destruction, yet we "can't afford" to serve our citizens at home.

So we'll call this an "end", but for what? In the "end", what was it all for? Who was saved?

What was it all for?

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Jerry Critter said...

I also wonder how it can be called an end when there are 50,000 troops still there.

How would you like 50,000 foreign solders in your country? Think we would tolerate them here?

I might even get a gun in that case.