Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today is world "car-free" day. So, of course, today is the one day that I'm obligated to drive. My neighbor is having surgery, and I agreed to pick him up from the hospital.

I'm not going to feel guilty. I lived car free for fourteen years, and only returned to car ownership this past spring. I inherited this car when my brother-in-law passed away, but I rarely drive it. Flagstaff is a very walking/biking friendly town.

Sometimes ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do.


Phil said...

Damn, I hate bein' asked to do something I'm already doing. Car-free since 8/25/01; not too bad, if you overlook 3 or 4 Zipcar days a year (since 2007). My bike gets me where I need to go, and without the expense of a car, I can actually live (well, okay, exist) on Social Security.

pygalgia said...

Keep on ridin', my friend.

Demeur said...

You would think that as old town as we are here that there would be many opportunities to ditch the 4 wheels but alas no. To make matters worse they've discontinued Sunday and holiday bus service. Remember that old saying "you can't get there from here" well holds true for us.