Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football Season

Tonight marks the start of another Football season, for which I am happy. While I'm a Baseball fan first and foremost, Football games generate more social participation. For example, my local pub becomes a full on sports bar where fans for each team gather for a party at game time. I'm a lifelong 49er's fan, and on Sunday I'll be with a bunch of other Niners fans (of course, there will also be a bunch of Seahawks fans rooting against us) for the game. That doesn't happen for baseball, except for the world series.

For Football fans seeking a good laugh, here's the Onion Sports 2010 NFL Team-By-Team Guide. Satire at it's finest. For example, on my Niners:

Strength: He may not be a Joe Montana, but Alex Smith is proving to be a better QB than Jim Druckenmiller, Gio Carmazzi, or Steve Stenstrom ever were

Weakness: Whatever head coach Mike Singletary is thinking at any given moment

Player To Watch: Veteran Brian Westbrook is always a threat to explode into a cloud of ligaments and bone

  • Biggest Question: If the 49ers are willing to let Glen Coffee go to follow Christ, what's to stop the entire team from following suit?
  • Well, OK then. Sadly, I remember how bad Carmazzi was.


    Fearguth said...

    I fear I'm out of the loop. I was an ardent Dallas Cowboy fan for about 20 years. But in the mid-1980s, I quit being a spectator of sports. Period.

    Demeur said...

    Fear not Py the Seapigs will choke in the 4th quarter. They've looked great the first half all pre season then blew it.

    Did you see grandpa Brett last night? Will we be witnessing another Y.A. Tiddle?

    pygalgia said...

    D: Y.A. Tittle was before even my time, but Grandpa Brett did look past his 'sell by' date last night. 'Course his receivers also looked like crap, so it's hard to say how he'll look over the season.

    Demeur said...

    I just barely remember Y.A.'s last game. Barely old enought to know what football was. But there he was an over the hill QB slumped in the backfield having been sacked with blood running down his face. An image I'll never forget.