Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Politics as a Joke

Insuring comedy gold for the next seven weeks, Christine O'Donnell, the winner in the GOP Senate primary in Delaware, sets a new "standard" for rightwing tea party nuttiness. She's best known for her strong "anti-masturbation" views. Meaning that masturbation will now be a campaign issue. Pundits and comics are certainly going to be 'busy' with that.

Yup, American democracy in action. Just think how much fun the senate would be if she actually wins (thankfully, highly unlikely). Senators debating masturbation? Do we really want that?

WATCH: Christine O'Donnell's '96 Anti-Masturbation Campaign On MTV


SweaterMan said...


Never misunderestimate the people. There's probably a huge amount of folks who would strongly agree with her, and if you can't believe that, then why is Python's "Every Sperm Is Sacred" sketch so damn funny?

Of course, Rove is probably scouring the country looking for a tape of her performing the "two-fingered taco tango" as we speak. He knows, as do we all, that the folks that are so for the repression of any thing are usually the ones that are doing it themselves.

Mauigirl said...

I was watching a clip of Rachel Maddow over at Politics Plus, she showed a bunch of the things that this woman was preaching before she ran for office. Condoms don't prevent AIDS, among other things. And of course the masturbation one. Hilarious. But of course, Sweaterman is right, we can't underestimate these people's popularity with Sarah Palin's so-called "real Americans" among us.

Demeur said...

She'll probably try to sue the election commission when she looses.