Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stopping START

Just to be clear, Arizona senator Jon Kyl is so conservative that he even conserves on letters in spelling his own name. So I'm not surprised that he's regressive about nukes.
Kyl and the Republicans are refusing to ratify the New Start arms control treaty with Russia, because they are still fighting the Cold War against the Soviet Union. Even after Obama conceded to spending billions to 'modernize' our nuclear arsenal, Kyl still intends to block the ratification of this treaty.
This is insanity.
The new START treaty still allows both the U.S. and Russia to maintain ridiculously large numbers of nuclear weapons, just somewhat fewer than currently available. Still plenty for either to destroy the planet, which is supposed to deter either country from actually destroying the planet. In other words, "MAD" (mutually assured destruction) is still in place.
Reducing nukes would make us slightly (but only slightly) safer, which is why Kyl is opposed. Sen. Kyl's only goal is to make President Obama fail, so he's only too happy to make the world a more dangerous place.