Monday, December 20, 2010

The Solstice Eclipse

Late tonight/early tomorrow morning (depending on your time zone) there will be a total lunar eclipse, roughly coinciding with the winter solstice. But it doesn't look like I'll get to see it. Local weather: rain storm, completely overcast for today through the next few days. Bummer.

Guess I'll just have to hope for better weather for the next one.

Lunar Eclipse

NASA eclipse page:

Added: Went outside around 1:00 am. Completely overcast. No visible evidence that the moon even existed.


Mauigirl said...

Clear skies here - if I can stay up late enough or get up in the middle of the night to look at it!

urland said...

Yeah, I haven't seen a total lunar eclipse for a few years. Bummer that the clouds are going to spoil the show for us. I'll take a look tonight just in case there's a break. Happy solstice in any case. Reason enough to raise the beer mug tomorrow.