Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Boobies

Well, no. Not 2,011 of them. But I have decided to continue posting the Friday Boobie in 2011. I debated dropping them as a topic that had run its course, but then I'd have to find a new idea. And I'm not that creative. Besides, the Boobies assure at least one post a week, so people won't think this blog is dead.
Added: Come 2012, I may replace the Boobies with republican presidential candidates. There certainly appear to be plenty of them, and they all seem like boobs. Your thoughts?

1 comment:

Demeur said...

Well you could always switch to tits once in a while. I switch from beavers to pussies as the beavers lay low during winter. But the beavers will be back in the spring.