Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Day is Getting Better

Actually, my day started badly. Woke up with a head cold, so rather grumpy.

But then I got the news that my least favorite senator, Jon Kyl has decided not to seek reelection. As I usually say, Jon Kyl is so conservative that he even conserves on letters when spelling his name. He's a dumb greedy brute, and it will be good to be rid of him. Of course, this being Arizona, who knows what sort of abomination we'll elect as our next senator.

Also, there are Reports: Egypt's Mubarak May Step Down Tonight. That's a very good first step, but handing the reigns to Omar al-Suleiman is not an improvement. al-Suleiman was the brutal intelligence head in charge of quashing dissent, so don't expect any sudden outbreak of "freedom" and "democracy" soon. But the pressure of international attention should ensure progress, and Mubarak's departure should bring an end to the violence against the protesters. Unless it doesn't.

UPDATE: Al Jazeera is reporting that the Army will be taking power, rather than Suleiman. The White House calls the situation “fluid.” We'll see what happens.

UPDATE2: Mubarak says he's NOT leaving, staying while turning over "some duties" to al-Sulieman. Listening to his speech (in Arabic), he sounded really disoriented and somewhat delusional. Forget my earlier optimism; Egypt looks poised to turn much, much worse very quickly.

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