Monday, January 9, 2012

20 More Years

It's nice that there will be a 20 year moratorium on uranium mining on the Grand Canyon. Having spent a lot of time in the 'big ditch', I strongly oppose any thing that would spoil it. Especially such a short sighted exploitation that would also potentially poison millions of downstream people.

But I also know how permanently incredible the Grand Canyon is. I have a strong feeling that it will still be an awe striking geological formation long after humans have gone extinct.

How many jobs would be lost if the Colorado River was contaminated by uranium mining runoff? How many lives? Do you think any of the Republicans running for president care about the environment?

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Demeur said...

Definitely don't need any more radioactive crap to clean up. Look no farther than Washington State to see that. Hanford "clean up" (and I do use that term loosely) will take several more decades and hundreds of billions of dollars.

And I have personally witnessed the lowering of our environmental standards. Just like a corporation is not a person a dust mask is not a respirator. Think you get my drift.