Saturday, March 10, 2012

RIP, Peter Bregman

Sad news that we've lost peter bergman, of firesign theater. While I usually shy away from eulogies, if you're among those of us who mispent many hours smoking herbs and listening to firesign theatre, then you understand that the world will be a less absurdly silly place without him.
("No, only half a key. I had to split it with the sound effects man")
As I was lamenting the loss of Bergman to the woman I live with, I came to realize that firesign theatre is a unique type of humor. I played a few vignettes for her, and she said "I don't get it" while I was laughing. It's truly one of those things where you can divide the folks who "get it" from those who don't. Perhaps it was the times (and the herbs), but the Bergman influence has always been a part of how I view the world.


Lockwood said...

"Oh, how can you be in two places at once, when you're not anywhere at aaallll?" I think the thing with their humor is the complete absurdity of it. If you can't see the humor of completely irrelevant items strung together as if they ARE related, you're not going to "get" Firesign Theatre.

Also, you're more likely to think Republicans make sense.

Demeur said...

Ah yes who could forget Communist Martyrs High School and the antics that went with it? Just came across a copy of the "Groove tube".

Cirze said...

So sorry to hear about Peter. He was responsible for some of my most fond memories of college.

"Don't crush that dwarf.

Hand me the pliers!"

I loved those guys and used to own all the albums (until someone relieved me of them in a split).

Thanks for the memories!