Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Um, Willard, Just Shut Up.

The Willard Rmoney unit should really avoid talking about anything relating to foreign policy. Given that absolutely nothing that he's said in response to the Libyan protest tragedy has any basis in facts, and that trying to use the death of an American ambassador for political gain is horribly inappropriate, he really should Just Shut Up(!) if he hopes to buy the presidency.
All Willard actually knows about foreign policy is which countries are cheapest to move American jobs to, and where to find the best offshore tax havens for your millions of dollars. He might have some idea which countries he'd like to start a war with (not ones where he keeps his money), but anything more complex is beyond his comprehension.
It scares me to think that there are people who will vote for him. Years ago, I thought I'd never see a president who was worse than Nixon. Shrub came along and proved me wrong. Now we have Willard, who actually looks worse (and even dumber) than Shrub. Words fail....
Added: Romney's Incendiary Response to US Embassy Deaths in Libya Proves Him Incapable of Being Commander in Chief


Fearguth said...

The people who will vote for Willard are the same people who believe he killed Osama bin Laden.

Unknown said...

you can thank RANDI



0 min 33 sec - Randi in the RED SHIRT - signifying the *bl..dy deed* that is about to happen

1min 18 sec - Banachek talks about respect for the claimant and then they mock "these kind" of people in the final part

3 min 20 sec - the test of the power bracelet that increases a person's energy and balance. Notice our challenge is all about POWER & BALANCE, proving the existence of a HIGHER POWER

5 min 15 sec TEST BEGINS. Skeptics one by one stand in CRUCIFIXION POSE

1 hr 10 min 21 sec Test is ended in failure

1 hr 10 min 30 sec request is made to make change in the PROTOCOL

1 hr 10 min 51 sec Applause is made by all those who wanted him to fail from the very beginning

1 hr 25 min 39 sec Now they talk about the Nightline clip that was filmed in Manhattan, also the scene of the 9/11 event

1hr 28 min 42 sec - They talk about make-shift tests. They think that because no one can win the prize that psychic phenomena does not exist

1 hr 29 min 45 sec Banachek says "the majority of *these* people.'" A contemptuous reference that occurs repeatedly

1 hr 31 min 53 sec The reference to envelopes. Remember the 911 in Angel's envelope!

1 hr 37 min 11 sec Swiss says he is not worried about a paranormal event happening. Little does he know what is actually taking place

1 hr 39 min 50 sec The mocking of SPIRITS!

1 hr 40 min 27 sec Reference made to the TERROR of witnessing a supernatural event, i.e, the blood leaving the face

1 hr 41 min 15 sec Reference to "these people"

1 hr 41 min 40 sec Belief in the supernatural is claimed to be a psychological defence mechanism to cope with reality. Swiss talks about how desperate the psychics become when debunked. Little does he know what is happening to the skeptics!



which WORLD-VIEW will not exist, sh*thead?


5000 whining atheists vs the Great Prophet

how the divine pen of Michel N. crushed the international atheist movement

one applicant right here...

get the POINT, Randi....

for lies on top of lies

do you think you can threaten my right to FREE SPEECH?

what if I told you that I am not who you think I am….

Not Dennis Markuze - but a FAN!

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a dishonest liar






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