Saturday, February 10, 2007

News Written by Idiots

So I'm reading today's Washington Post, and in a lengthy article by Dafna Linzer on the dangers posed by Iran they cite ties to Al Queda. Their evidence? Iran has arrested and is holding two members of Al Queda. Hello? This proves that they have ties? I'll try to explain something for them: Al Queda members are Wahabbi's, a sect of Sunni Islam. Iran is predominantly Shia. They hate each other. This is why Iran ARRESTED them, not proof of close ties. If arresting members of Al Queda is proof of close ties, then the good ol' USA is as cozy as anybody.
Do they really pay people to write this crap? Oh, and the threat that the article warns of is that Iran might release the two.

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Anonymous said...

A hat tip to blogger Monkeyfister for steering me here. Some good thoughts here, be back this way again.