Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dumpster Prophet

Howdy folks! I'm back from the year 2013, after having been sucked into a time travel device disguised as a dumpster. Ya'll needn't hear of that daunting perigrination, nor of how I got redeposited back to 2007, just yet. Don't get all rankled. I'm sure you all are curious about what life is like seven years from now. Trust me- for the most part, ye probably don't wanna know... But i will say that women will still be gorgeous , mellifluous, and occasionally generous, and the high art of brewing beer shall remain! Take heart in this, friends.
Before I got sucked into the time-dumpster, I found posting on blogs somewhat silly; altogether superfluous in the grand scheme of things. Well, now that i, Zymurgian, have actually seen how our current conduct, as a race of homo-sapiens, plays out in a mere seven revolutions of our sun, I would like to think, as a time-traveler, that perhaps i might help steer a course of events another way.
First of all- everything them stalwart fellas- Pygalgia, Sweaterman, Ghandixmas- rant about, should be carefully considered, as much of what they so perspicasiously predict MAY indeed insue.
Furthermore, quit driving. Most of all, QUIT DRIVING. Also, stock up on carragenan, vitamin B6 and organic pepperoni. A mere few years from now, genetic science will discover an anti-radioactive enzyme found only in organic pepperoni. Yer gonna need it-' in'jesu'n shiva's' allah'boo'thorschmoo'y.

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