Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Bathroom Spider

It's Sunday, and I'm not motivated to blog much. But the spider in the bathroom window deserves a mention. There is a brown spider, about the size of a half-dollar, who's made his/her home in the corner of my bathroom window. I'm cool with spiders (heck, I had a couple of pet tarantulas when I was a teenager), so I let him/her be. But one of my housemates is less tolerant. He's tried to wipe out said spider several times. It's become a source of entertainment for me. The web is gone most evenings, and back each morning. Time will tell who is more persistent.


Anonymous said...

Based on the small colony of spiders who inhabit our back porch this time of year, my money is on the spider.

cognitorex said...

I have a spider and a quite big web, two feet long, in my truck bed behind drivers side. Ol' spidee has been there for couple months now. He's going to Boston tomorrow, 250 miles round trip. Hope he enjoys it. We don't talk all that much.