Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Married to a Bad Idea

When I got divorced, my now ex-wife said "I guess I got married to a bad idea". In a way that was true. She thought I would grow into someone else. We were married as a couple of hippies, where our reception was held at the Dylan and Dead show in Eugene. When we divorced, she was a yuppie who asked me "when are you going to grow up?". I still love camping, river running, and "rock 'n roll", so I'm not a "grown up".
We reached the conclusion that divorcing each other was the only answer that we both could live happily with.
The rethugs are married to a bad idea in Iraq. Nothing they can do will lead to a positive outcome. The parties involved have grown too far apart. It's time for a divorce.


zymurgian said...

Now, it seems, you are finally pulling into the wave-train; bubble-line, if you will. You are equivicating media ennui with subjective truth;finding analogies that are parallelistic to yer own propensity to read the current so well. Thanks.

FranIAm said...

Py- so well put on all counts.

As you know, I "saved myself" (hahah roaring with laughter here and you should be too) for marriage at the ripe age of 49.

So I am pretty realistic about it. My husband and his ex both married ideas... Ideas that turned out to be bad ones!

And btw- you may well be my favorite hippy Py!

Its all about appropriate expectations; some of which are easier to modulate than others.

As for the war, bad bad bad idea indeed.

I am posting some writings about my 9/11 memories in NYC, so I am feeling renewed waves of anger and frustration about the entire cluster f**k.

Bad shit is going down man.

Anonymous said...

Some days, I wish we could just smother them with pillows and forget the divorce.

Jess Wundrun said...

what dcup said.