Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Made the List, Again

Once again my congress-critter is on the "top" list, CREW's most corrupt members of congress:

Of course, this is no surprise. Mr. Renzi makes the list every year, but he's figured out a way to get his name off the list: he's not seeking re-election.

It is sad that 4 democrats are on the list.

Oh, and just for Rick, here's your pig:

(pigs from here:

Added: yay, that's our 700th post!


KELSO'S NUTS said...

Congrats on joining the 700 CLUB.

There some problems with that list, however. (1) Corruption, per se, is NEVER defined. It appears as if any violations of trade association practices for example count as "corruption", allegations of impropriety as well. So, if we are to use such a broad definition then they are missing MOBY DICK. Dick Cheney as VP IS still "presdident of the Senate," no? (2) Which goes back to (1) what's worse, campaingn contribution violations or personal graft? And in what amounts? Is there a $ point at which a campaign violation crosses past receiving cash in paper bags, but how big? (3) I DESPISE PETE DOMENICI but he's not even under indictment, so until that happens I can call him neither "corrupt" nor "bad." Besides should he be indicted, that still doesn't make him corrupt. An indictment is a charge of wrong doing. It is proof of nothing and as we've been told over and over again any AUSA by virtue of the culture "can indict a ham sandwich" is he or she chooses to.

pygalgia said...

True that it's arbitrary, but Domenici is still under investigation for tampering in the AG firing. CREW's definitions for corruption are at the link, and while there is plenty room for debate, it's one set of standards.