Sunday, September 16, 2007

Meeting Someone

Another pleasure from last night was having a long discussion with Suzy Chaffee,, the famous Olympic skier. The "over 40's" in the audience will remember her as "Suzy Chapstick" from the commercials during the '70s, but she's a long time activist who is currently working with the Native American Olympic Steering Committee. She's smart, funny, and yes, still quite beautiful, and I'm glad she's a Howard supporter. Most of our discussion was about alternative energy options, but we did have time to crack a few jokes about her "celebrity" status. Normally, I don't care much about celebrities, as very few have done anything worth celebrating. Suzy is doing things that are worth celebrating.

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Unknown said...

I knew you were talking about Suzy Chapstick as soon as I saw Suzy Chaffee.

Wow, Dcup and I were just talking about getting off our perches to do some protesting. Inspiring. If you get to meet people like Suzy Chapstick... it seems worthwhile on multiple levels.