Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And After the Crash?

Strange and interesting talk at the brewery tonight. What do we do in the event of a crash? A disaster? How will our community react?
The folks in the discussion aren't tinfoil extremist types; we're pretty much "workin' for a livin'" who happen to talk politics. But I'm hearing more and more "disaster" scenarios.
Is it a market crash, a plague, or a natural disaster? Doesn't matter. We've learned that Grover Norquist won. The government can no longer swim.
This part of the country is not agriculturally sustainable. We talked about the native population density compared to the current population density. Not a good mix, or why our food isn't local is because local is high mountain desert.
But we are communitarian. We talked about skills (my having spent my younger years on a farm, and knowing how to carve up an animal was highly valued) and who has what tools, and I realized that we'll be OK.

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ellroon said...

It's going to hurt, however it manifests itself. We are going to be tightening belts we didn't know we had.

We've been riding so high on the faster, more, now economy, most of us will have no idea how to cut back.

Start with these words: want less, buy less, use up, repair. The generation that struggled through the Depression could have taught us a few things, but hunkering down, saving money, making do got many of them through the tough times.

If we survive this Bush administration, we can make it....