Friday, November 16, 2007

Wait a Minute

For reasons that are far beyond my comprehension, the New York Times "opinionator" chose to link here on the Maria Luisa planted question "diamonds or pearls?". Um, thanks. And a big hello to all the new visitors.
But really, why me? This is a tiny, mediocre blog compared to so many others.
But we do have boobies, which might make it worth your time stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I think you underestimate your blog hottiness.

pygalgia said...

That's OK. I think you overestimate it. But you're wonderful so thanks.

Fran said...

Despite my lack of visits due to an inane amount of bullsh*t going on in my life, I must agree with DCup here.

Blog hottiness and blog brains- what a combo Py!