Friday, December 7, 2007

Act Surprised

The CIA destroyed the "torture tapes". Big surprise. Actually, I'm more surprised that they even admitted that the tapes ever existed. They claim "national security", but this is an obvious cover up of multiple crimes. And with our current dysfunctional government, they will get away with it.
This is the depth that shrub has sunk America to. The tacit admission that America has engaged in torture and then covered it up should be enough for all decent, moral people to call for impeachment. Instead, we get a lot of blather regarding "well, the tapes have been destroyed" as if that is exculpatory of the actual torture. I'm betting that there will be no prosecution of these crimes. They no longer even bother to lie about the torture itself.
As on so many other times, the shrub administration has placed themselves above the law, knowing that they wont be held accountable for their crimes.
How did we come to this? We deserve better.
added: Obstruction of justice is an easier charge to face than violation of international law, I suppose.


Bing said...

They keep surprising me. As best I can tell, they have neither consciences nor scruples. If Bush doesn't do time after he gets out of office, there's no justice.


gandhisxmas said...

Ya think thats bad, wait until a few months before Bush/Cheney leave office, the shredding companies will have big contracts!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Py. But I'm afraid that we're held hostage by the laziest, least informed, most hate-driven voters.

And we've all gotten the government they deserve.

Bing said...

It is time that Congress supoenaed the entire paper and electronic files of the administration, before they shred, delete, classify, or seal them.

Distributorcap said...

all the crimes and felonies bush has done in the past 7 years WILL come back to haunt us in many many ways ---we wont know how or when -- but it will

and he will get away with again.....this is a very sad time in our history

Chris Dashiell said...

If anyone had ever told me six years ago that we would be debating whether torture was OK or not, I would have thought he was a kook.
We are in the Age of the Kook.