Monday, December 3, 2007

Shrub Reveals a Truth

Our shrub revealed his true intent while blasting Democrats in congress:

“In a political maneuver designed to block my ability to make recess appointments, congressional leaders arranged for a senator to come in every three days or so, bang a gavel, wait for about 30 seconds, bang a gavel again, and then leave,” Bush said. “Under the Senate rules, this counts as a full day. If 30 seconds is a full day, no wonder Congress has got a lot of work to do.”

Senate Democrats had held pro forma sessions throughout the Thanksgiving break to keep the Senate “in session” and block Bush from making recess appointments.

He just implied that he would have made recess appointments, but congress prevented him from doing so. Good job, Sen. Reid (something I rarely say)!


Distributorcap said...

he is suck a fracking whiner -- and a bad one...

jonathan alter just called him irrelevant....... i think jonathan was being kind

Mauigirl said...

Good for Reid. About time they called Dubya on his behavior with the interim appointments.

And today he whined some more about how Congress wasn't passing his spending bills and then threatened to veto the spending bill if it comes to his desk with pork in it - pork that, I'm sure, will be Republican as much as Democratic pork.

And of course in the meantime the report has come out that Iran stopped their nuclear weapon program four years ago and that's all they were asking Dubya about at the news conference this morning!