Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Party

Going to a Christmas party/potluck this evening. It's shaping up to be a very low key Christmas this year for me (broke), but that's OK. I like Christmas, but then I like any excuse for food, drink, and camaraderie. My favorite holiday, New Years (for reasons I'll explain next week), is next.
Hope you and yours are enjoying the seasons bounty. Be sure to give out an extra hug for no specific reason. It's one of the nice extras that come with the Christmas season.

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Fran said...

Py- I am sending you a great big hug and many wishes for peace, happiness and whatever fulfillment you seek.

I too am in a bad financial spot- it seems many of us are. Mine is stupid because I had a lot and squandered it so foolishly. So it is.

This year while I have less, I notice I am freer with my new life on the horizon.

So may you find what you wish for and know that you have touched many out here in the blogworld in such a good way.

Peace brother.