Sunday, February 10, 2008

Primary Media Narrative

I hate the concept of "identity politics", but the media seems determined to focus on it. This morning NPR is spending a lot of time talking about how Barack Obama is winning as a result of the "black" vote. I'm seeing something different:
DEM (99% reporting)
Clinton 32%

Last time I passed through Nebraska it wasn't a majority african-american state. In fact, it was pretty white. The 68-32 result also refutes the identity politics of the "womens" vote. In short, the pundits narrative does not reflect reality, but rather their preconcieved notions.


Bing said...

You haven't heard? Nebraska is mostly black, but they're done up in "white face." And the women? They're voting in "dick face."


I need to work.


Daisy said...

YES! Isn't it FABULOUS!?! :)

Go Obama!